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Take A Break!

There are so many things vying for our attention, whether family, friends, or work. In addition to these daily occurrences, our internal thoughts do the same. We spend so much time questioning our self-worth, wondering if someone likes us, or if the tone in a text message we sent was received the way we intended. These internal thoughts have the potential to distract us from things that are of the utmost importance and can also be a catalyst for the onset of depression. For these reasons, it’s important to take a break!

Focusing on the following self-care tactics is great way to accomplish quieting those internal thoughts.


One thing that really messes with our psyche is social media. While social media certainly has positive attributes, it often results in comparison, judgement, and shame. There is benefit in sometimes taking a social media break, even if just for a week. You’d be surprised how free your mind feels when you reduce your screen time.

Take Naps

Remember how you hated nap time as a child?! If you recall, the purpose of nap time was to reset your mood. Apparently, our parents were on to something. Taking a nap can change the course of your day, especially if you find yourself feeling overwhelmed with the noise of the day. Studies show that the optimal nap time is 20mins, doesn’t seem realistic, does it?! But it is and after 20mins you will feel refreshed and ready to tackle what’s remaining in the day.

Spa Treatments

This may feel a bit more indulgent than the other tactics shared, but it doesn’t have to be. Not everyone has the money or time for a complete spa day, but there are small ways to incorporate spa-like experiences at home. One way are shower bombs…heard of those? They are these glorious little aromatherapy tablets that you let steam in your shower, which can be done to jumpstart your day, to wind day after a long one, or both! In some cases, the shower may be the only time you have alone all day, so add in a little spa therapy to ease your mind.


When we think about exercise, we generally think about it as a means to an end, but exercise provides more than just weight loss. When we exercise, we release endorphins which interact with your brain, releasing a positive feeling in the body, like a drug. Exercise comes in a variety of forms and intensity levels. One fun way to exercise is to dance, yep, turn up the music in your house and dance! Music alone soothes the mind, combine that with dancing and you have a great recipe for decluttering your mind.

While we can’t control every part of our day or what interactions we may have that send us into a negative mental place, we can control how we respond to it. We don’t have to be burdened by all the noise, we can take steps to increase our awareness of how we are impacted and ways to bring us back to center.

Take A Break!

Candice N. Crowley, LPC

Phone: 513.599.2676


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